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Instructions for the ITER Temporary File System

The ITER Temporary File System can be used to share files with other people as an alternative to sending email attachments.

When you upload files using the ITER Temporary File Upload form, the files are placed on the file server in a directory with a randomized name. The file upload form will let you upload five files at a time. After the files are uploaded, you can copy and paste the URL into an email message you create yourself.

When the recipient receives the email message and opens the download URL, a list of files and their sizes will be displayed, along with a download link for each file. To download, right-click on the download link and select the option that will save the download to a file. NOTE: a left-click in most browsers will cause the file to execute or open from the browser.

You are urged to delete the files off the server after they are downloaded, to conserve disk space. You will also be provided with a delete URL. In some cases the recipient can delete the files; otherwise, the recipient should email the delete URL back to the sender, who can then delete the files. By default the files will be automatically deleted after 40 days but you can extend it by max 1 year in the file info page. The maximum file size is 2 gigabytes. The time limit and maximum file size are subject to change depending on user needs and storage limitations.

No special browser configuration is necessary to upload files. No password is necessary to upload or download files.

In case of problems use the IT support red button.